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    Welcome visitors and members! Listed below our Club Announcements is our latest weekly meeting snapshot to give you a flavor of the challenging, thought-provoking, and FUN times to be had at a Contrarians Toastmasters meeting


    April 23rd, 2014
    Theme: Body Image


    April 16th, 2014
    Theme: Thought, Speech & Action

    April 9th, 2014
    Theme: Just Fake It!

    It was a Contrarian meeting tonight;  with the theme “JUST FAKE IT”,  & Nick sure did that VERY WELL as a Toastmaster tonight.  Nick filled in as TM last minute and rolled the meeting Smoooothly.  Our presiding officer, Alicia also filled in & Faked the president role real well, as well as Sanjay who pulled a double as Evaluator and General Evaluator, and  performed while bringing humor to the meeting.  

    We had two great speeches by Karolina giving her Ice Breaker speech, and Marlene giving a speech on Project #3.  Karolina's speech was titled “Journey beyond Geography”, and as Sanjay her evaluator mentioned, it was the best ice breaker given as remembered.  Marlene's speech title was “Following the shiny object” as she reminded me that it is important to interview the job we want as we are being interviewed for it.  Bob volunteered to be her evaluator and reviewed her speech well as well as evaluate it.  

    As our 3 guests, Sharon,Michelle, and Ramesh pointed out,  we had a great meeting,  and Sean really shined as the TTM with his fun, intimidating, and creative Table Topic questions.  A few of the Table topics included: How to defend your existence as a Clone?,  If you could choose a prosthetic leg after a train runs over your leg what kind of a prosthetic leg do you want​?, If you would reveal to your friend he is dancing with a “Lady Boy”?, What would you do with $10k of counterfeit money?, What would you tell the family of 12 people you killed in a grocery store because you got disgusting plantains instead of good Bananas?,  and if you had to fake an injury to get out of yard work at home what injury would you fake?

    Nick handed out the ribbons to Karolina for best speaker, Sanjay for best evaluator, and Lynn for best Table topic responder.  Alicia closed the meeting, and it ended a few minutes prior to 8 pm.

    Looking forward to other fun meetings.


    April 2nd, 2014
    Theme: Facebook

    March 26th, 2014
    Theme: Wine And Life

    March 19th, 2014
    Theme: Debt And Credit Cards

    Tonight’s meeting theme, Debt and Credit Cards, was not a typical meeting theme, which might have caused some odious, our Word of the Day, emotions.

    Before we got started however we inducted a new member, Karolina. Welcome to the club Karolina.

    Heading up the meeting tonight was first time Toastmaster, Sean. He moved smoothly through the proceedings and got us started off with the Prepared Speaking segment and our lone speaker for the evening, Fernando.

    Fernando gave his first speech tonight, project number one, Icebreaker, from the Competent Communication manual with his speech aptly entitled Icebreaker. Fernando gave us a quick glimpse into his world of growing up in Mexico and then coming to the States and now working as a graphic artist. Fernando did well to mix in personal stories along with some humor. Congrats on getting up and giving your first speech Fernando.

    Up next was the always-entertaining Table Topics segment led by Lynn this evening. Lynn living up to the Contrarians name and threw everyone a curve ball as her questions were not related to the meeting theme. With only one speaker this evening that gave an ample amount of time for everyone to come up and give a response, no hiding tonight. Fernando was feeling so chatty that he even came up twice during this segment on top of already giving a speech earlier, that is dedication.
    Certainly last but not least is the ever-important Evaluation segment, which tonight was led by myself. Up to evaluate Fernando’s speech was Niem, a veteran in our club who gave Fernando the right amount praise and room for improvement for a first time speaker as his main objective was to find out what he already does well and where the room for improvement is.
    Who won those PRECIOUS ribbons we all covet? Fernando won for best speaker, Niem for best evaluator, and for best table topics I cannot recall, as they were all great answers.
    What was really said at the meeting and what kind of oddball answers did our members come up with?  To find out the answer to this question please feel free to drop in and join us at our next meeting. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. 

    - Nick

    March 12th, 2014
    Theme: Speech Contest

    Tonight was our International and Table Topics Club Speech Contest. 

    Sean really stepped up to the plate as Contest Chair and the event ran very smooth.

    It was great to have long time member, Ana, back as the evening's Contest Master.

    We heard speeches from Sanjay, CJ and Amir. All three men gave interesting and informative speeches on varied topics. 

    Later in the evening, we heard impromptu speeches from Josh and Lynn who both jumped on board at the beginning of the evening to enter this exciting contest. They were each asked to name a place in their hometown where they could easily hide a dead body, where no one would be likely to find it. Yes, that sounds like a crazy, oddball question, but that's very typical of our Contrarian's meetings. You never know what you're going to be asked and the topics are often controversial and many times quirky, odd or downright "out there." We have so much fun!

    When the contest came to a close, Sanjay was our runner up and Amir took first place for his speech. Lynn won first place for her table topics speech. Both winners will move on to the Area F-4 Spring Speech Contest on March 22nd. Good luck to both of them!

    To experience all this crazy fun for yourself, please join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM at the Atria in Irvine!

    ~ Alicia

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