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Thursday, November 18, 2015 
Theme:  Facebook
Address4531 Bryan Avenue, Irvine, CA 92612, United States


November 12th, 2015
Theme: The Monkeysphere

With a theme such as The Monkeysphere, there was question marks in my head over what the heck The Monkeysphere could be. Soon as the meeting started Jeremiah answered the question in his opening speech. The Monkeysphere is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships and care about. The number being 150 people.

After the insightful opening thought Jeffrey did not hesitate to share his prepared speech about Change. Jeffrey explained that while turning 40, it can be difficult to accept change but in the right mindset one can welcome change for the best givien great examples of why change has affected him in a positive way.

Jeremiah again took the floor as Table Topics Master. He had us each write on a piece of paper the worst job we could think of. He then had had each of us pull a paper from the bag and have us create an impromptus speech as to why such job was the best job in the world. Each member went up explaining why such job was perfect for them which had us laughing in tears over each one of the members answers.

Throughout Table Topics we heard the benefits of being a pooper-scooper, a proctologist, a president, a pharmaceutical salesman, etc. We also heard about catching crabs, the medical cure for crabs, eating dribble meat, why Mellodees open door policy, incorrect American ideas about China & Iran, as well as, Johns story about a terrible accident and two dollar bribe to get into heaven.

After settling down from Table Topics, Angela gave Jeffrey his speech evaluation. He had good pointers on how to make his speech more impressionable.

Overall the the meeting was great and I cant wait to go again.

- Fernando

November 4th, 2015
Theme:  Equal Opportunity

You just never know what exciting things will be happening at a Contrarians Toastmaster meeting.

Tonight we began with a short but lively display of limbo as our President was welcomed to the stage. Several members and a guest took turns getting limber under a broomstick as the audience members cheered them on. 

Our opening thought on the evening’s theme of Equal Opportunity, was powerfully delivered by Max on why exclusivity should be eliminated.

Long time member Wayne was our Toastmaster for the evening guiding us through our speech segment. We enjoyed three incredible speeches given by Farzad, Chandra and Jeffrey. Each speaker shared important, heartfelt and unique messages that were informative as well as entertaining. 

Our impromptu segment called Table Topics was run by Nayan who asked important questions related to our Equal Opportunity theme. We heard from both members and guests during this fun and exciting portion of our meeting. 

General Evaluator, Alicia, introduced our evaluators for the evening. Roxanna, Bob and Rich each gave their assigned speaker valuable feedback on what they did well during their speeches and what they could improve upon in the future. 

After an entertaining ah counter report from Jeremiah and grammarian report from Paula, plus an overall evaluation of the meeting given by Alicia, our Toastmaster Wayne held our closing ceremony and introduced the winners of each segment. Congratulations to Chandra for Best Speaker, Rich for Best Evaluator and Paula for Best Table Topics. 

Come join us in person for the full Contrarian experience!

~ Alicia

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