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Welcome visitors and members! Listed below our Club Announcements is our latest weekly meeting snapshot to give you a flavor of the challenging, thought-provoking, and FUN times to be had at a Contrarians Toastmasters meeting.


May 20th, 2015
Theme: Drought In California


May 13th, 2015
Theme: Music Through The Decades

Who says that it would be stressful to speak before a big group, especially after a long working day?  Our Toastmaster members and guests once again prove that notion does not apply to Contrarians.

Even though the meeting started a bit late because of unexpected parking issue, our ToastMaster, Nick, and Table Topic Master, Mellodee, were able to run the meeting right on-schedule.  Nick, with his unique fanciful story-telling skill, did not leave any meeting moment unfilled.  Our new member, Sara, impressed us all with her moving ice-breaker speech, which won the best-speaker ribbon. Mellodee’s evocative questions about music did get both members and guests to improvise verbally and nonverbally – a guest showed off his hip-thrusting skill during his impromptu speech.

Having fun while polishing public speaking skill – that’s Contrarians’ mantra. 

May 6th, 2015
Theme: Food Desserts in America

Each Contrarian meeting is different from the last, but definitely no less interesting or entertaining. 

Tonight our meeting began with our president Ramesh, donning a faux mustache and then joining him on stage were Nick, John and Fernando, all four standing at the front of the room looking very suspicious in their faux mustaches looking at everyone in the room. With uproarious laughter from the galley, the men parted ways without a word and our evening was off to a very Contrarian start!

Our opening thought was brought to us by our VP of Membership, Karolina, who taught us how to properly zest a lemon. Very fitting since our theme for the evening was Food Desserts In America.

With a packed house and a full schedule, our Toastmaster, Rick, introduced us to our speakers for the evening. 

Sean was up first with his speech titled “Why Nice Guys Finish Last.” He shared stories of his life as a self professed mamas boy and how he had lots of friends that were girls but no romantic interest from them. He was stuck in the “friend zone” for being such a nice guy. Many people are nice because they want something in return but he believes you can be altruistic in your kindness and still get the girl, which he has since proven, recently marrying his longtime sweetheart!

Our second speaker was one of our newest members, Nayan, who gave his icebreaker speech sharing his love for the Los Angeles Lakers. He shared the story of how he became hooked on this great NBA team and the excitement of his first game. 

Mellodee was our final prepared speaker for the evening, driving home what a good fit she is for our Contrarian club by talking about pole dancing, hookers and masturbation. She expressed to the ladies in the room the importance of not needing a man to enjoy yourself. Way to keep us blushing, Mellodee! 

Never a dull a moment during our fun meeting, as our Table Topics Master, Bob, had us salivating with his impromptu questions related to Desserts in America. 

During our final segment, our three evaluators, Niem, Ramesh and Marlene, gave their respective speakers valuable feedback on what they did well during their speeches and a few tips on how they can improve in the future. General Evaluator, Alicia, followed up with a quick evaluation of the overall meeting. 

And finally, our Toastmaster, Rick, handed out ribbons to the best voted in each segment. Congratulations to the winners!

If you want to have a crazy, fun time improving your speaking and leadership skills, don’t let another week go by without visiting us on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM. You seriously won’t regret it. 

~ Alicia

April 29th, 2015
Theme: Alcohol

April 22nd, 2015
Theme: Suburban Sprawl

Today we had more guests than we have ever had before! We started our meeting with yet another new member induction. Our club has been growing steadily, and it is always exciting to observe how new members change the club’s dynamics. 

Jeremiah started the meeting with his opening thought about suburban sprawl. Our Toastmaster Bob introduced our first speaker Roxanna, a brand new member. Her very first speech, the ice breaker was called “Working Title”. We club members love to listen to ice breakers because it gives us the opportunity to get to know our new members. And it was no different this time. Her speech was about her being a life long learner packed with interesting stories of her life.

Our second speaker was a guest speaker from another club. We had the honor to listen to Daniel's speech “Remote Control”. He was rehearsing it at our club before facing his competitors at the district speech contest in a few weeks. It was an inspiring and at the same time, humorous story about taking control of his own life. Since Daniel is a very experienced speaker, it was a great opportunity for us to learn from him. 

Word of the day was “snollygoster”, and everyone who participated in table topics was reminded to use it in their improvised answer. Marlene was our table topics master and had prepared lots of great questions. 

Rick then evaluated Speaker 1 and did a truly fantastic job. Instead of evaluating Speaker 2, Daniel himself came to the stage and gave us all tips on how to speak based on his project.  After the business segment another fun and interesting evening ended right on time. 


April 15th, 2015
Theme: Haves and Have Nots

April 8th, 2015
Theme: Food Deserts In America

The theme of this week's meeting was Food Deserts. There was a great deal of amusing confusion over whether it was Food Deserts or Food Desserts. Many of the more contrarian members went with their own take on this issue. Joe provided the opening thought, explaining the desert concept to many who had not heard of it before. Desserters remained unphased.

We had a brief induction ceremony for Alex, our newest Contrarian, but no stranger to Toastmasters. Knowing the drill, he immediately leaped in as our timer.

Toastmaster Ramesh provided fantastic introductions for both of our speakers tonight: Karolina and Daniel. Karolina related a personal tale about her lifelonging struggle with perfectionism and the problems that it causes in her speech, "Imperfection". Daniel delivered his icebreaker, "Here, Then There", describing his history with Toastmasters and his determination to use it to overcome his own fears and challenges in speaking.

Tonight's Table Topics Master was Jeremiah, his first time at the role. He asked a mixture of questions, touching on both Food Desert and Dessert related topics. Several guests participated, and perhaps the meeting highlight came in the form of a debate between Ray and his brother Ben: Which is better, cookies or ice cream? Both delivered fantastic arguments, and so the question remains perhaps unresolved.

Sean was the evening's general evaluator, introducing tonight's duo of speech evaluators: Bob for Karolina, and Alicia for Daniel, both of whom did a fantastic job. The meeting's Ahs were then recounted by Fernando, and Melodee delivered an extremely thorough Grammarian report. Sean's meeting evaluation followed, praising and critiquing many aspects of what had been a delightful meeting. He went over time.

Toastmaster and President Ramesh then announced the evening's winners: Karolina took Best Speaker, Alicia best Evaluator, and the newly inducted Alex won Best Table Topics for his take on "If you were a vegan NASCAR driver, which unhealthy food company would you have as your sponsor?". Several guests provided their feedback that they had enjoyed the meeting, and then things were brought to a swift and timely close. I for one am certainly looking forward to the next one!


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