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Welcome visitors and members! There will be no meeting on April 19, 2016, please join us next week on April 26, 2016! 

Listed below our Club Announcements is our latest weekly meeting snapshot to give you a flavor of the challenging, thought-provoking, and FUN times to be had at a Contrarians Toastmasters meeting.


Tuesday May 10, 2016
Theme: I'll Be Back -Famous Movie Quotes
Address: University Park, 1 Beech Tree Lane, Irvine, CA 92612, United States

Tuesday May 3, 2016
Theme: Dangerous Selfies

Tonight was a first for our Contrarians Club. Long time Toastmaster, Rich, gave a unique presentation from an advanced Toastmaster manual. The objectives for his presentation were to facilitate a discussion with a group.

He chose the very versatile topic of drones and divided the club into 4 separate groups, asking each group to brainstorm ideas on the beneficial uses of drones as well as the potential downside. Two of the groups were asked to give examples of military drone use and the other two groups were asked to brainstorm on the non-military uses of drones.

Each group had a delegated spokesperson who stood up and shared their group’s ideas with entire club.

This project was a wonderful way for everyone to work together, share ideas and even allowed our guests to participate in a non-threatening way.

Rich did a great job of facilitating the discussion and presenting his own ideas on the topic.

Our second segment of the evening was delivered by our Table Topics Master, Sasha. Our meeting theme was “Dangerous Selfies” and Sasha asked some thought provoking questions that seemed to bring out the best in all of our members and even the brave guests who volunteered to speak.

With so many fun questions and creative answers, there was a lot of laughter from the audience as our Table Topic speakers entertained us throughout the night.

During our third and final segment of the night, our General Evaluator, Alicia, evaluated Rich’s discussion as well as the rest of the meeting.

As the meeting came to an end, our Toastmaster, Farzad, delivered the closing ceremony and handed out a ribbon to our Best Table Topic speaker which happened to be the always entertaining Jeremiah!

If you have never been to a Contrarian’s Toastmaster meeting, you have no idea how much fun you’re missing. Some people have told us we should charge an entrance fee for the entertainment value alone. We love hearing that! We would also love to see you at the next meeting. Join us every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. We hope to put a smile on your face.

Tuesday April 26, 2016
Theme: Minimum Wage

Tuesday April 12, 2016
Theme: Etiquette in Today's Society

Tonight’s theme, etiquette in today’s society, seemed rather dull at first but the Contrarians quickly showcased their out-of-the-box thinking. They never shy from a challenge.

Lynn, our Toastmaster tonight, flawlessly guided us through the meeting. Having recently rejoined the club, she’s quickly getting back into the swing of things. We’re glad to have you back, Lynn.

Our two prepared speakers, Sara and Ed, delivered phenomenal speeches. Sara discussed the importance of the mentee-mentor relationship, especially touching on the mentee-mentor Toastmasters program.    

Ed, meanwhile, one of our newest members, gave his first speech. Having already presented us in the Table Topics portion of the area contest, he is making swift strides towards becoming an accomplished speaker.

Paula, tonight’s Table Topic master, asked creative questions that inspired equally creative answers ranging from proper gift giving and receiving to proper bathroom etiquette. Our members persistently give it their all.

Afterwards, Sanjay and Chandra evaluated Sara and Ed respectively. Evaluations are unquestionably crucial to Toastmasters’ success; a good evaluation is never harsh nor brutal but honest and sincere.

We meet every Tuesday night. Everyone is invited - including you.

  • Mellodee

Tuesday April 5, 2016
Theme: Men vs. Women

Tuesday March 29, 2016
Theme: Celebrity adoration

We had so much fun at our meeting this week. Our 3 speeches included Steve informing us of his deep, deep and perhaps inappropriate love of pizza. Millind spoke of the benefits of failing and how failure is necessary in a process leading towards success. Finally, Rich gave a wonderful speech about technological advances simplifying modern life.

Alicia was our Table Topics Master for the evening. The topic was "Celebrity Adoration". Alicia taped pictures of celebrities on the walk with questions on the back. Her creativity in leading Table Topics allowed us all to have a wonderful time filled with laughter and anticipation.

All 3 of our speeches were well critiqued in the evaluation section of our meeting.

Please join us and experience the joy of attending a Contrarians meeting.


Tuesday March 22, 2016
Theme: All things Fernando

The Contrarians once again lived up to the spirit of the name of the club.  The table topic, which was well run by the Master Nayan, was all about a departing member of the club, Fernando.  Fernando, a well-liked Contrarians speaker, has tremendously improved his speaking skills since he joined the club.  His confident, hilarious speaking style has recently made him a repetitive winner of table topic competition.  And he did it again at his farewell meeting.  A sweet and memorable departure for Fernando.

Our first-time Toast Master, Steve, managed to run the meeting with minimal glitches in spite of a late start.  Steve's smooth co-ordination helped prepared speakers and evaluators deliver their speeches well and on time.  Farzad, with his confident delivery of speech, and Kristen, with her attentive listening skill, were respectively the best speaker and evaluator of the night.  Only in Contrarians Toast Master club do aspiring members quickly develop leadership and speaking skills in a camaraderie atmosphere.

Even though Contrarians members are serious in mastering their speaking skills, they also love having fun.  They do often get together for casual dining and sharing life experience.  Eureka! was their latest get-together place.

Please come to visit and see Contrarians in action.  You may not want to leave the club after the first visit!


Tuesday March 15, 2016
Theme: Club Contest - International Speech and Table Topics

Tuesday March 8, 2016
Theme: Adventure travel

As always, we had a great meeting with Karolina as Toastmaster and Jeremiah stepped up to do the inductions for the evening as well as other Contrarians who took last minute roles – thank you!  We missed are start time by a few minutes, but we are working on that, right?  Denis delivered opening thoughts on Adventure Travel with some fantastic quotes.  We had three fabulous speeches including Steve helping us to overcome mediocrity, Sasha provided us the omnipresent question of why you can’t spend less than $300 at Costco and Rich convinced us to become landlords.  We had an entertaining table topics segment and our new members Ed and Corey really stood out.  Our Evaluators Farzad, Nayan and Marlene all did a fantastic job.  Farzad challenged Steve, Nayan came through with a spot on evaluation and Marlene provided a great overview of the wealth of information Rich provided as well as some good suggestions.

Tonight's winners:  Best Speech – Sasha, Best Table Topics – Ed and Best Evaluator – Nayan

As always, I can’t wait to see what next week brings!


Tuesday March 1, 2016
Theme: Conspiracy Theories

Tuesday February 23, 2016
Theme: GMO Foods
This was a really fun meeting with a mix of serious and lighthearted tones. It started with the opening thought by Bob, who spoke really knowledgeably about GMO (genetically modified organisms) with supporting evidence and statistics to support his statements. This was followed by the introduction of the meeting by president Jeremiah who was bombarded with snowballs (crumbled paper balls) by the toastmaster contrarians. Sasha prepared an excellent list of table topic questions ranging from self-aware pumpkins to weaponizing peanut butter. Karolina gave a very informative and strong speech about post traumatic stress disorder. Jeremiah gave a 5W speech and caught the contrarians by surprise by opening up about his personal sex life. The evaluators were Rich and Niem. They were both very positive and gave great feedback for the two prepared speeches. Tonight’s winners: Best speech (Karolina), best evaluator (Niem), and
best table topics (Alicia).


Tuesday February 16, 2016
Theme: The Stock Market - Enjoying your 101(K)
Tonight’s meeting started right on time. Jeff gave a nice opening thought by sharing few quotes from the famous book “Prophecy” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Marlene, the Toastmaster of tonight’s meeting, introduced her helpers and then handed off the floor to Table Topics Master Nayan.

Nayan has prepared many questions related to meeting theme. Sasha and Chandra responded to individual questions, while Sanjay/Farzad and Sara/Dennis participated in debates.

In the second segment, Fernando and Paula gave 5W (Who, What, When, Where and Why) speeches while Rich gave a fun and educational impromptu speech on 401K.

Fernando in his 5W speeches shared a fun story about his grandma and his trip to Italy and waited until the end to bring his 5Ws (Bernie Madoff, Tampons, Private Jet, 1960 and Sex).

5Ws for Paula include: Fidel Castro, Christmas Party, Montana, Yesterday and Shopping spree. She used her story telling skills to tell us how Fidel Castro fell in love with her by seeing her picture on her website and how in the end she got $10K gift card from Fidel to go on shopping spree.

Rich, in his impromptu speech, shared his knowledge about 401K and some of the myths that young people have :).

Evaluation segment was led by general evaluator Sanjay. Chandra, Jeff and Sasha gave constructive feedback to Fernando, Paula and Rich respectively. Bob provided ah-counter report while

Karolina provided grammarian report. Sanjay summarized what we did well and the areas where we could have done better as a club.

Tonight’s winners were:  Fernando (Best Speaker), Jeff (Best Evaluator), Sara (best Table Topics Speaker)

We also had three special guests. Overall it was a fun and education meeting.

See you all next week.


Tuesday February 9, 2016
Theme: Prostitution

It was awesome meeting this week; we had three ICE breaking speeches with good mix of self-introduction with heart touching personal stories and good exposure to digital music. You can always expect exciting speeches with inspiring stories and exposure new areas of knowledge from contrarians. Overall it was wonderful meeting with some humor mixed serious thoughts on prostitution. 

Don’t miss the next week meeting themed on:  The stock market.


Tuesday February 2, 2016
Theme: Marijuana Legalization

Well the February 2nd meeting had a wonderful whiff of fun and was loaded with interesting speeches and answers from our Table Topics participants. Rich gave a Speech about Freedom, Chandra about Diamonds and Steve about inventions that have moved our society forward over the years. Sara lead the stoned table topics segment with multiple respondents. Eventually the winners were announced as follows: Best Speech: Steve Higgy, Best Evaluator: Nick, Best Table Topics: Fernando. Looking forward to next week: Prostitution. Drugs, Sex and...the Contrarians!


Tuesday January 26, 2016
Theme: Presidential Election Debates

We had a great meeting as always, but tonight was really special because we had two brand new members in our club giving their first speech. Steve and Milind gave their Ice Breaker speech. It is very interesting their approach. Steve told us a little bit about himself and specially how we have to decide of who we want to be and become in life and how to make a difference in others. Millind spoke about the importance of being authentic in everything your do, including speaking in public. During our Table Topics we have various speakers improvising and speaking about our them for the night: The Presidential Election Debates, Karolina made it really fun when she made us write a question regarding the topic and put it in a hat, and wow!! we got a great debate and interesting approaches to the topic. Finally, we had our evaluation segment were Paula and Jeffrey evaluated our speakers. Their energy enthusiasm and feedback were very positive. Just another night at the Contrarians...

Tuesday January 19, 2016
Theme: Alien Nation...the truth is out there

Tuesday January 12, 2016
Theme: Veganism

This evening we began our meeting by inducting four new members: Steve, Dennis, Nicholas, and Kristen. We welcomed each of our newly inducted members and pledged to provide them support during their Toastmaster journey. We had our first volunteer from one of our newly inducted members, Steve, who accepted the volunteer role of Sargent-in-Arms. Way to go Steve – thanks for stepping up to the plate!
Farad gave the opening thought on veganism and shared his thoughts that all diets should be personalized; there are different foods for different people. As someone on a paleo diet, he noticed his brain process improved when he reduced his carbs and sugar intake.  Something to think about next time we take a big bite out of a cheese pizza.
In order to give Sanjay time to prepare for his impromptu 5 W speech, we reversed the order of the meeting and we did our table topics first.   Alicia was our table topics master for the evening and she always brings enthusiasm to her role. Fernando was asked what vegan means to him. He said he thought he would save money when he dated a vegan. However, she was always able to smell the most expensive vegan places during their trips to San Francisco . She found a place that served expensive crickets- he advised un not to trust vegans! Alicia shared vegans don't wear leather, feathers, visit animal parks or go to the circus.
Sara gave a motivating speech on 2016 goals and gave us five steps to achieve our goals in 2016. Tonight’s winners: Best Speaker: Sarah, Best Evaluator: Niem, Best table topics: Karolina.

Tuesday January 5, 2016
Theme: The Art of Love and Money - Contrarians Club Open House Potluck!
Guest Speaker Todd Creager will be coming to speak on the Art of Love and Money. Great event with 50 attendees! Food was awesome, special thanks to Alicia for organizing the Potluck food, Sara for scheduling and organizing the event and special thanks to our newly installed president, Jeremiah who displayed his leadership in the face of being forced to get people out of the venue in a timely manner!

If you would like to know how the meeting went, check out our Meetup group and see what attendees commented! http://www.meetup.com/The-Contrarians-Toastmasters/events/224468231/


Tuesday December 15, 2015 @ 6:45PM
Theme:  War on Christmas?

Apparently there is a war on writing Snapshots! I am sure that this will be fixed with our new Executive Committee starting their term January 1, 2016. 

It was a fun meeting from what I remember and that is that Alicia was Table Topics Master and Jeffrey won Best Table Topics. It's been so long he almost forgot what that felt like.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone in the club for their contributions to this great organization. Looking forward to another successful year of growth and we will miss members lost due to changes in their lives or our club location and schedule. 

Please join us at our New University Park address next year: 

University Park, 
1 Beech Tree Lane
Irvine, CA 92612
We will be kicking off the new year with a Contrarians Club Open House on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 from 6:30PM-8:00PM.


Tuesday December 8, 2015
Theme: The Refugee Crisis

At the Contrarians, you can always expect the unexpected. At the instant that you think it can’t get any better, it does. That’s the heart of our club - the laughter, the amusement, the kindness.

Tonight, Angela once again showed her brilliant depth and sweet elegance. She did not ask any leading questions; instead, she maintained a respectful and sensitive demeanor. She was the best choice for Table Topics Master, and an inspiring one to boot.

Since she became the Vice President of Membership, Sara has wanted to do an open house. Her idea finally came to fruition. To celebrate a new year, a new term, and a new location, we will host an open house January 5, 2016. High-fives to Sara for making this happen!

Our second speaker, Nayan, always chooses topics that speak to the heart. Soulful, his remarks generate a lot of smiles in the room. We’re glad to have him as a member.

Jeff, serving as Toastmaster, did a splendid job. Our attendance wasn’t very high, probably due to the upcoming holidays, but he made sure that every role was filled.

At the Contrarians, every meeting is better than the last. Come check us out - you won’t regret it.

- Mellodee

Wednesday December 2, 2015
Theme: Dogs vs. Cats

Wednesday November 18th, 2015
Theme: Facebook

November 12th, 2015
Theme: The Monkeysphere

With a theme such as The Monkeysphere, there was question marks in my head over what the heck The Monkeysphere could be. Soon as the meeting started Jeremiah answered the question in his opening speech. The Monkeysphere is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships and care about. The number being 150 people.

After the insightful opening thought Jeffrey did not hesitate to share his prepared speech about Change. Jeffrey explained that while turning 40, it can be difficult to accept change but in the right mindset one can welcome change for the best givien great examples of why change has affected him in a positive way.

Jeremiah again took the floor as Table Topics Master. He had us each write on a piece of paper the worst job we could think of. He then had had each of us pull a paper from the bag and have us create an impromptus speech as to why such job was the best job in the world. Each member went up explaining why such job was perfect for them which had us laughing in tears over each one of the members answers.

Throughout Table Topics we heard the benefits of being a pooper-scooper, a proctologist, a president, a pharmaceutical salesman, etc. We also heard about catching crabs, the medical cure for crabs, eating dribble meat, why Mellodees open door policy, incorrect American ideas about China & Iran, as well as, Johns story about a terrible accident and two dollar bribe to get into heaven.

After settling down from Table Topics, Angela gave Jeffrey his speech evaluation. He had good pointers on how to make his speech more impressionable.

Overall the the meeting was great and I cant wait to go again.

- Fernando

November 4th, 2015
Theme:  Equal Opportunity

You just never know what exciting things will be happening at a Contrarians Toastmaster meeting.

Tonight we began with a short but lively display of limbo as our President was welcomed to the stage. Several members and a guest took turns getting limber under a broomstick as the audience members cheered them on. 

Our opening thought on the evening’s theme of Equal Opportunity, was powerfully delivered by Max on why exclusivity should be eliminated.

Long time member Wayne was our Toastmaster for the evening guiding us through our speech segment. We enjoyed three incredible speeches given by Farzad, Chandra and Jeffrey. Each speaker shared important, heartfelt and unique messages that were informative as well as entertaining. 

Our impromptu segment called Table Topics was run by Nayan who asked important questions related to our Equal Opportunity theme. We heard from both members and guests during this fun and exciting portion of our meeting. 

General Evaluator, Alicia, introduced our evaluators for the evening. Roxanna, Bob and Rich each gave their assigned speaker valuable feedback on what they did well during their speeches and what they could improve upon in the future. 

After an entertaining ah counter report from Jeremiah and grammarian report from Paula, plus an overall evaluation of the meeting given by Alicia, our Toastmaster Wayne held our closing ceremony and introduced the winners of each segment. Congratulations to Chandra for Best Speaker, Rich for Best Evaluator and Paula for Best Table Topics. 

Come join us in person for the full Contrarian experience!

~ Alicia

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