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    Welcome visitors and members! Listed below our Club Announcements is our latest weekly meeting snapshot to give you a flavor of the challenging, thought-provoking, and FUN times to be had at a Contrarians Toastmasters meeting


    April 30th, 2014
    Theme: Las Vegas: The Brightest Or Darkest Place?


    April 23rd, 2014
    Theme: Body Image

    This Wednesday’s meeting turned out to be one of the best attended sessions of the year with several guests and a majority of our active members.

    The theme for the evening was “Body Image” and after introduction from CJ,  our club president, Niem led us through a very well constructed opening thought.  After Niem, we inducted Ramesh as a new member into our chapter and made it clear that we expect great things from him.

    Marlene, our toastmaster for the evening, did an excellent job preparing the meetings materials and guiding us through a stacked Prepared Speaking Segment with three speakers and an impressive 24 minute total speech time. 

    Our first speaker was Amir, who navigated the hotly contested waters of extra-terrestrial visitation with his speech entitled “Borderlines and Aliens”.  In line with the goals of Project #7: Research Your Topic, Amir made use of graphs, photos and other visual aids to make a compelling case against the claims that UFO’s are indeed among us.

    Our second speaker was Mitra, who endeavored to persuade us all with power in her Project #9 speech entitled “Evaluation, the Power to Success”.  Mitra outlined the qualities of a good speech evaluation and called upon us to use the evaluation segments of our meeting as opportunities to become better prepared speakers.

    Our final speaker was Sanjay.  His Successful Club Series speech entitled “Keeping the Commitment” could not have been better timed with so many guests in attendance.  Sanjay gave us a roadmap for continued success in the Toastmasters organization and challenged us to stay engaged, inspired and committed.

    Wayne led us in a fun and interesting table topics segment.  Although we were unfortunately short on time, this segment saw a surprising amount of participation from our guests.

    Sean led us through our evaluation segment with Alicia, Bob and Nick evaluating Amir, Mitra and Sanjay respectively.  Our evaluators were exceptional and provided fair and constructive criticism for our speakers.

    Special thanks should go to Lynn, our Grammarian, CJ our Ah Counter and Karolina, our timer for their help as well.

    As our meeting concluded, with all votes counted, Amir was selected as our evenings best speaker and Nick as our evening’s best evaluator.  Lynn won the award for best table topics, an achievement that should in no way be diminished by the fact that she was the only qualifying speaker for the evening.


    -Sean McElligott

    April 16th, 2014
    Theme: Thought, Speech & Action

    April 9th, 2014
    Theme: Just Fake It!

    It was a Contrarian meeting tonight;  with the theme “JUST FAKE IT”,  & Nick sure did that VERY WELL as a Toastmaster tonight.  Nick filled in as TM last minute and rolled the meeting Smoooothly.  Our presiding officer, Alicia also filled in & Faked the president role real well, as well as Sanjay who pulled a double as Evaluator and General Evaluator, and  performed while bringing humor to the meeting.  

    We had two great speeches by Karolina giving her Ice Breaker speech, and Marlene giving a speech on Project #3.  Karolina's speech was titled “Journey beyond Geography”, and as Sanjay her evaluator mentioned, it was the best ice breaker given as remembered.  Marlene's speech title was “Following the shiny object” as she reminded me that it is important to interview the job we want as we are being interviewed for it.  Bob volunteered to be her evaluator and reviewed her speech well as well as evaluate it.  

    As our 3 guests, Sharon,Michelle, and Ramesh pointed out,  we had a great meeting,  and Sean really shined as the TTM with his fun, intimidating, and creative Table Topic questions.  A few of the Table topics included: How to defend your existence as a Clone?,  If you could choose a prosthetic leg after a train runs over your leg what kind of a prosthetic leg do you want​?, If you would reveal to your friend he is dancing with a “Lady Boy”?, What would you do with $10k of counterfeit money?, What would you tell the family of 12 people you killed in a grocery store because you got disgusting plantains instead of good Bananas?,  and if you had to fake an injury to get out of yard work at home what injury would you fake?

    Nick handed out the ribbons to Karolina for best speaker, Sanjay for best evaluator, and Lynn for best Table topic responder.  Alicia closed the meeting, and it ended a few minutes prior to 8 pm.

    Looking forward to other fun meetings.


    April 2nd, 2014
    Theme: Facebook

    Tonight’s theme was Facebook, or as toastmasters member Sanjay called it “Fakebook.” During his opening ceremony Sanjay spoke about how the creation of Facebook has allowed him to stay in contact with family and friends from far away countries.

    Our first speaker tonight, Fernando, spoke about Big Brother and how they were using smartphones to gather personal data about us without our knowledge and without having to pay consumer information they would normally have to pay for. This was Fernando’s second speech that’s he given so far.

    There was also a guest speaker, Olimpo, who came to practice his upcoming speech for the spring speech contest. We were more than happy to provide him with feedback, tips, and pointers to help him improve for his speech contest.

    This evening’s best speaker award went to Olimpo, best table topics awards went to Nick, and the best evaluator award went to Jeff.


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