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Welcome visitors and members! Listed below our Club Announcements is our latest weekly meeting snapshot to give you a flavor of the challenging, thought-provoking, and FUN times to be had at a Contrarians Toastmasters meeting.


April 1st, 2015
Theme: April Fools


March 25th, 2015
Theme: The Chance That Got Away

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March 18th, 2015
Theme: Fast Food

The theme for this meeting was fast food. Mcdonalds, In-N-Out, Papa Johns, and  Burger King were all part of our table topics.

Max provided the opening thought and he shared one of his childhood memories of McDonalds. When he was a kid he thought their food was “the salt of the earth”, but what he really wanted was the toy in his Happy Meal box!

Mellodee gave her first speech tonight and she spoke about how she felt privileged because she had the ability take a break from her studies and work.  She had started  her speech months ago and finished it this afternoon.

The next segment of our meeting was table topics and Fernando was the  table topics master. As an incentive for volunteers he offered fast food coupons.Several guests bravely volunteered for table topics; Alex was the first to come up and answered the question if Ronald McDonald and Burger King had a fight to the death which weapons would they use. His response was Ronald would most likely throw burgers to use as weapons (good one Alex!) and Burger King would use a sword. Bob had a unique response when asked what food has been left out of the fast food menu and he responded with insects; they’re 80 percent protein and sees this as the food of the future. Jeremiah had to pitch chili from Wendy’s and he recommended eating chili to help relive your constipation.

The last portion of our meeting was evaluation. Alicia evaluated  Mellodees’s speech and  gave her tips to help  improve future speeches and shared areas she did well. Marlene was the general evaluator and summed up the meeting.

To end our evening the votes were tallied for best speaker, best evaluator, and best table topics.  Mellodee won  best speaker, Alicia won best evaluator, and Jeremiah won best table topics. Sean, our toastmaster for the evening helped run a smooth meeting. And a big thank you to all the members who helped during the meeting.


March 11th, 2015
Theme: Club Contest
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March 4th, 2015
Theme: Emigration

Tonight’s theme on Emigration was a topic we haven’t discussed much before and it paved the way for an interesting and informative evening.

Before the meeting began, we were thrilled to induct Angela as our newest Contrarian member. 

Lynn stepped up at the last moment to give us her thoughts on Emigration for our opening thought, setting the stage for our lively meeting to begin.

With only one prepared speaker present at the meeting, our toastmaster and long time member, Niem, asked our members if they would like to give an impromptu speech. To our surprise, our guest, Sarah, volunteered to be a guest speaker and Niem accepted her brave offer. One of our newest members, Max, spoke first, giving his ice breaker speech. He shared the story of how one fateful night, changed the course of his life forever. He really had us on the edge of our seats. After only a few short minutes to prepare, Sarah got up and gave a wonderful speech on emigration and what life was like for her emigrating from Puerto Rico to the U.S. She provided many facts and figures and impressed us with her knowledge on the subject. 

Our table topics master for the night, Sean, had three prepared questions, which he offered to the group up front, letting everyone know they would get one of those questions at random. We heard from a wide variety of members and guests, including Sarah, on what changes it would take to drive them out of the U.S., if they could choose any country what would it be and why, and what are the benefits other countries offer that would motivate them to leave their homeland?

In our final segment of the evening, we heard from Karolina and Marlene who evaluated Max and Sarah respectively. Each evaluator gave their intended speaker valuable feedback to help them improve for future speeches. To sum up the night, our general evaluator, Alicia, gave her overall take on the meeting. 

Once the votes were tallied, Niem handed out ribbons to the best speaker in each of our three categories: speech, table topics and evaluation. 

If you want to know who won, you’ll just have to come to a meeting and find out in person. Not just because it’s fun to find out on the spot, but because we have a blast at our meetings and we’d love for you to experience our unique club!

~ Alicia

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